Coaching and Consulting

For Composers

Mark Shapiro worked intensively with me in creating this version of The Wave Rises. Mark’s extraordinary musicality and insight have been invaluable in helping me realize my vision.

Ben Moore, composer

I work with composers as an editor works with authors.  I can help in either or both of two overlapping ways.  


I diagnose saggy, cluttered or underdeveloped spots, so that your piece can have greater specificity, transparency and momentum. We work on structure, orchestration, voicing, prosody and more.


I help ensure your notation (metrics, spelling, and much more) optimally serves your intention, so your piece can be maximally readable, functional and performer-friendly when the time comes.

Collaborating with Mark on my hour-long choral symphony was how composers should be allowed and encouraged to work. We explored how the music flowed dramatically in time; how the detail aided the big picture; what it would be like to be in the audience hearing it. Without trying to alter my vision, Mark respectfully challenged me to find its best form. And the premiere was sublime.

Stuart Greenbaum, Head of Composition, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music | University of Melbourne

For Singers

I work with singers on vividness, clarity, specificity, expression and beauty.  The work includes deep dives into diction, interpretation, style, harmony, and much more.

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